KV2- ES Subwoofers

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Specifically designed to accompany the ES1.0 as a true full range high output system for live performance and music

20.04.2016 11:59

KV2 audio ES1.0

ilustrační obrázek

A truly scalable system, it is compact and modular with all the electronics and amplification housed in separate, portable units – the EPAK 2500 and 2500R. Placing the active electronics package outboard results in a lighter, easier to handle system with much more flexibility. Its compact size reduces transport costs and either ground stacked or own, it is quick and easy to setup, cutting labour costs dramatically. The EPAK 2500/R control unit incorporates four amplifiers. Electronic crossover lters, time alignment, equalization, system protection, and level controls are all done onboard, utilizing industry leading 20MHz digital conversion where required. 

20.04.2016 11:33

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